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Arby's Guidelines for Charitable Donation and Sponsorship Requests

Thank you for inquiring about a donation or sponsorship of your event and/or organization. Below we have listed several guidelines to ensure your request receives proper consideration.

Guidelines for Consideration

When possible, requests should be submitted in writing on event/organization letterhead and may be submitted in one of two manners:
Via email at
Via fax at 812-332-0607; Attn: Donations

For consideration, please have requests sent in at least 14 days prior to the event.

Huse Incorporated will only consider contributions to not-for-profit organizations in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio.
Huse Incorporated does not make financial contributions, donations of food items, or charitable contributions that benefit only a single individual or family.

Typically, a maximum of one request per calendar year will be fulfilled per organization.
Donations are NOT automatically renewed or assumed. Each submission is evaluated on a first time basis and will not necessarily be approved based on previous participation.

Please include as much of the following information as possible in your written request:

Name of the event or organization requesting sponsorship.
Contact person with street address, phone number, and email address to which responses may be mailed or emailed.
Date, description, and location of the event.
Estimated attendance and demographic make up of the audience.
History of the event, including attendance from previous year.
Opportunities for Huse Incorporated to be included on advertisements and/or promotional materials.

We appreciate your interest in Huse Incorporated! Community involvement and support is a priority at Huse Inc.
Due to the large number of requests we receive, we are unable to respond to all requests immediately. On average, it takes five to ten business days to receive a response.